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In-house Tooling
In-house Tooling
Ground Effects was founded on the principle that precision tools build precision parts, and itís still true today. We engineer our tools with manufacturing in mind. To ensure exacting standards, all tools are designed using SolidWorks 3D Design software and are built by our highly-skilled technicians utilizing CNC technology. Once a tool is approved and production begins, our personnel use process check fixtures to measure parts and monitor performance throughout the production run.

Ground Effects offers a complete In-House Tool Room that:
  • Provides cost-effective temporary and semi-permanent tooling
  • Maintains your tools for life with no additional charge to our customers
  • Retains your tools exclusively for your production requirements.
Tools to meet the most demanding specifications; quality tooling to last the life of the program; Ground Effects is your single source for all your product needs.
Ground Effects has dedicated itself since its inception in 1986 and has evolved into a multi-faceted supplier of quality interior and exterior accessory components for the automotive industry and more.
With extensive Design, Machining, Milling, Bending, and In-house tooling capabilities, Ground Effects Ltd can meet virtually any industry requirement, we look forward to working with you to meet your goals
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